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Stephen DiJoseph

music + film + tourettes


Anything can happen when musician, composer and filmmaker Stephen DiJoseph enters a studio or takes the stage. Whether it’s the percussive grooves of his solo guitar and vocals, the quirk and funk of his trademark jazz/classical “Pianopoetry”, the trance-electronica of his 'Whirld Music Trio' project or the ease and flow of his ambient orchestral productions, it’s undeniable that DiJoseph is an artist of many skills.

It’s always first about what I feel. Creativity and humor are central to performing and making music for me. It’s what inspires me and in turn, what I hope to inspire in others.
— Stephen DiJoseph

What also makes DiJoseph unique is another very “outspoken collaborator” as he refers to his experience of living with Tourette’s Syndrome. “Tourette’s showed up for me around the same time as my passion for music, around 6 so, It's always been the 'art in the syndrome' for me,” DiJoseph recalls. 

He presents complex, bold, awe-inspiring performances and arrangements, the likes of which this listener has rarely witnessed!
— Brian Austin Whitney, JP Folks Intern'l Music Awards

Stephen’s autobiographical movie A SynapTic Adventure: Tourette’s and Beyond won Best Emerging Documentary in the Bucks Fever Film Festival. In it, DiJoseph tells the story of growing up in “the dark” as he explains,,, trying to understand the cause of the strange urges, movements and compulsions that filled his childhood. Conditions, that to this day, both challenge and propel his mission to create and inspire.

With that passion and “partnership” of Tourette’s, DiJoseph has etched out an award-winning career that spans twenty-five years, 9 CD's, multiple music video productions and countless live performances in The US and abroad. 


JP Folks International Music Awards:


nominated for BEST SONG - Flyin’ from HYPNOTIZED

(out of thousands of submissions alongside Bruce Springstein-guitarist Nils Lofgren in the male S/S category)



nominated for Best Video - Flyin music video

JP Folks is the world’s largest Indie Music Organization. members include Janis Ian and Nils Lofgren

JP Folks is in over 60 countries around the world

Other Awards

Top 500 Honorable Mention - the Annual Billboard World Song Contest for 4 songs from HYPNOTIZED

Finalist -The Singer-Songwriter Awards

Winner - Godfrey Daniel’s BETHLEHEM #MUSIKFEST contest

Finalist - New Song Festival Song Contest

Finalist - Susquehanna Music Festival Contest

Opened for such notables as

Jon Herrington (Steely Dan)

Greg Brown       Peter Mulvey

Billy Jonas       Mad Pudding

Los Lobos       and others

Past Performances (partial)

  • new music festival PRAGUE                                      
  • clifford brown festival DE
  • father folk festival PA
  • folk club PA
  • bethlehem musikfest PA
  • the knitting factory NY
  • the living room NY
  • maine public radio ME
  • randolph music festival VT
  • omega institute NY
  • the bitter end NY
  • The Painted Bride PA
  • Puck Live PA
  • new sessions DUBLIN
  • the tin angel PA
  • the point PA
  • steele city coffee PA
  • chaplin’s music cafe PA
  • world cafe live PA
  • de folk festival DE
  • wesley college DE
  • cooldog house concerts DE
  • WHYY
  • WXPN with Gene Shay
  • de first night DE